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Engineering candidates need extraordinary recruitment methodology, and so finding the right match for your needs can be as difficult as meeting any of the impossibly high tolerances required to accomplish any modern engineering project. In concert with an already impressive database of similarly accomplished candidates, a formidable industry-specific network of contacts, and a first-hand knowledge of all that comprises engineering we are in an enviable position to undertake and complete engineering staffing and recruitment as few others can. We’ve built the reputation of our engineering recruitment division within our agency upon a rock-solid foundation of seasoned professionals. Our clients have come to rely on them and it’s a trust we’ve never broken.

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How SphereStaff can help you?

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You get highly qualified candidates—we do the groundwork for you.


We stay ahead of the curve with the latest AI tools in sourcing and communication to provide you with responsive, accurate placement.


We act as an extended recruiting arm of your HR department.


You pay nothing until you hire a candidate we recommend.

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